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CNet Training

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Shaping the Future of the Network Infrastructure Sector

CNet Training design and deliver technical education programs for the network cable installation and data centre sectors across the UK and the world. One of CNet’s most popular programs is the Certified Network Cable Installer (CNCI®) has been embraced by manufactures and installers across the UK as is the industry preferred certification for network cable installation and is specified as a requirement on many job profiles and installation project contracts.

The network cable installation sector is suffering from a skills shortage, making individuals who can evidence their cable installation skills and ability highly desirable. If you are looking to gain new skills for an exciting and rewarded career in an industry that is constantly advancing, please contact the CNet Training team.

The CNCI® certification is perfect for those wishing to demonstrate the highest levels of knowledge, skills and competency in network cable infrastructure and can install copper and fibre cable to the highest quality complying to industry best practice and standards.

Download the Certified Network Cable Installer (CNCI®) Program Overview here.


World Renowned Programs

CNet's highly acclaimed Global Digital Infrastructure Education Framework offers network infrastructure and data centre sector professional across the world an opportunity to plan education programs to address their skills and knowledge requirements, and help with their career progression. Whilst the programs flow perfectly from one to another they are of equal value as stand alone programs.

Download The Global Digital Infrastructure Education Framework here.


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