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Club News


18 March 2013

The purpose of the Academy is to identify and recruit young footballers of outstanding ability and to coach and educate them to reach their maximum potential

Vision of the Academy

It is essential that players are prepared for life after the game.  Furthermore, the Club will continue to foster good relations with local employers and education providers.
  For those players who may not progress, alternative pathways are identified for those leaving the Club. This will continue to be achieved by making other clubs aware of imminent release and providing opportunities to move within the professional, semi-professional and amateur game.
Patience and understanding is vital to allow talent to grow and particular attention will be given to individual as well as collective needs and demands in all development phases.
Progression will continue to be based on clearly communicated essential player attributes.
  Academy staff will be accessible and honest with players and parents through frequent contact, monitoring of progress and transparent multi-disciplinary evaluative reporting.
  The Academy will always operate a system of player development that is relevant and appropriate to the needs of all players within an inspirational environment which stimulates, excites and challenges players and coaches alike.
  We undertake a holistic approach to the development of players through the provision of outstanding and inspired coaching and other support services.
  The purpose of the Academy is to identify and recruit young footballers of outstanding ability and to coach and educate them to reach their maximum potential, thereby giving them the very best chance of a career in football.
  It wants to become established as being one of the best nationally, and the best locally, for its productivity and its care for the young player.
 Ipswich Town’s Academy strives to become one of the most successful producers of young players in the country.

Football Philosophy of the Academy

‘The Ipswich Way’ The nurturing process and holistic approach to player development aims to maximise potential from a football, education and social perspective. This requires partnerships and alliances with parents, schools, potential employers and the player himself, to succeed.
The Academy’s philosophy centres on the vital principle that players need to be guided and supported on their development journey whilst taking responsibility for their own learning (‘learn how to learn’).
is to rise to whatever challenge is presented and find the solution, never compromising our principles and standards. ‘The Ipswich Way’ All players are comfortable with the ball and always looking for their next touch.
  Always competitive, relishing the challenges provided defensively. is based on dominating possession, always trying to pass forward, running forward.


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