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18 March 2013

A look at the sports science and medical team at the Ipswich Town Academy

Ipswich Town Academy Sports Science and Sports Medicine teams provide a service to help maximise a player’s athletic development by focussing on injury prevention strategies that enable all Academy players to play at a consistently high level.

Why do we need it?
With the ever-increasing focus and demand within the sporting world on achieving the best results possible in the shortest amount of time. The study of science and sport has developed a greater understanding on how the human body reacts to exercise/ training within different environments and stimuli. This understanding enables the Academy coaching staff to have more information, techniques and support to help maximise each individual player’s potential on and off the pitch. The Sport Science team work very closely with the coaching staff to take the application of scientific principles/research and place them into practical sessions.

What we do?

Head of Academy Sports Science
Lee O’Neil

Within the department the Sports Science team traditionally incorporates principle areas such as;The team helps to plan and delivery sessions with coaches that will incorporate

Our approach towards each topic is covered within the Academy at varying degrees to differentiate between the age groups as part of a Periodisation programme throughout the season.

. performance analysisstrength and conditioning and,nutritionanddiet,psychology,physiologyinjury prevention,agility,balance,co-ordination,reaction speed,acceleration speed,deceleration speed,power,endurance (anaerobic and aerobic),function strength/core stability,dynamic movement skills (DMS)andflexibility.

The delivery of each key area is part of a holistic approach to educate players with our Academy the benefits behind each area to key them fit and healthy to train and play games.

Head of Academy Sports Medicine
         Jimmy Reynolds

Ultimately it is our aim to not just rehabilitate players from injury but prevent them from occurring in the first place through player, coach and parent education, and pre-habilitation strategies. This should help to ensure that players are able to develop and reach their true potential.

The sports medicine department is committed to utilising rehabilitation and training interventions to prevent injury, restore optimal function and contribute to enhancing sports performance.

They are also devoted to promoting safe participation in physical activity by providing advice to players and parents.

All physiotherapists are fully qualified (members of the Health Professions Council & Chartered Society of Physiotherapy). They are first aid qualified with experience in assessing and treating sports related injuries.

  Injured players are assessed, diagnosed and treated by the physiotherapists who liaise closely with the coaching and sports science staff.

Key injury prevention screening tests are performed in all age groups throughout the season, allowing the medical team to identify key injury prevention strategies for both individuals and teams.

  On signing for the ITFC Academy, all players receive a medical assessment by the Academy doctor and are monitored throughout the season as they develop.

The Ipswich Town Academy Sports Medical team strive to ensure the optimal level of care for all players and everyone is dealt with in the same professional manner, whether they are a first-team player or an Academy member. 

It is now played at a quicker pace than ever before and with the introduction of the new EPPP, more demands are being placed upon individuals, both physically and mentally from an early age, meaning the risk of injury has ultimately increased. 

Football is constantly evolving and has become one of the most demanding multi-directional contact sports.

Senior Academy Physiotherapist
Yvonne Moore

I had previously worked at non-League club AFC Sudbury and for Ipswich Town on a part-time basis but joined the Academy full time this season.

This season, as part of the EPPP, I’m working closely with the Sports Science department in implementing injury prevention programmes for all age groups.

In addition I’m responsible for overseeing treatment and matchday medical cover for the Under 9 to 15 squads.

I work alongside the Head of Academy Sports Medicine and am primarily responsible for the medical care of the Under 16 age group by providing treatment and rehabilitation to injured players.





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