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7 October 2014

Town fan and bassist for Example, Andy Sheldrake, recently caught up with the official matchday programme

Digital Media Editor, Jonathon Ogle, recently caught up with Andy Sheldrake- bassist and musician for Example- to talk to the Town fan for our official matchday programme.

Here’s what was said. You can follow Andy on Twitter, @sheldrakeisme

Well, Andy, I suppose the first question to ask is, why Ipswich Town?

Yeah it’s a bit of a strange one really, considering I’ve never lived in the area and I’m not from Ipswich! The fact of the matter is, simply, my family. My dad grew up in Ipswich and was a fan and I followed suit. It was always a bit strange explaining to my mates at school why I was an Ipswich fan, despite being from Peterborough, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. My dad took me to my first game on my birthday, which was Boxing Day 1991 and I think we beat Charlton that day. I got to meet Micky Stockwell and Chris Kiwomya and as soon as I first stepped on the terraces, I was gripped and I knew Town would be my team.

A fresh faced Andy with Micky Stockwell

Obviously your work prevents you getting from all the games but do you still get to as many games as possible, and what are your thoughts on the current squad?

I try and get to games whenever work allows, which isn’t always easy as I’m sure you can imagine. Elliot [Example] is a big Fulham fan and with us being London-based, we get to quite a few Fulham games too. Obviously Ipswich is my team though, so I get to Portman Road whenever possible and I still go with my dad and brother. My dad travelled all around Europe watching Town and he’s got some great stories that he’s passed onto me. I haven’t seen too much glory, aside from the Play-Off final win over Barnsley in 2000, but I’ve got a good feeling about Mick’s side. You know the players will put in a lot of effort under Mick and he’s certainly got us going in the right direction. It was huge to keep Didz [David McGoldrick] too and I’m hoping he can have another big season for us. I’ve been looking forward to seeing Jonny Parr in action, as I’ve got a Crystal Palace supporting friend who really rated him, so I'm delighted to see him break into the team recently. 

What are you hoping for from Town this season then, Andy?

Well obviously I want to see us do well, although I think it will be a tough division. I’m hoping for Play-Offs and I definitely think we have the talent in the squad to be around the top six. We showed that last season, when we just missed out. I know we’ve lost [Aaron] Cresswell from that team but players like Tyrone Mings have really stepped up to the plate and I’m hoping Cameron Stewart can have a similar impact. Play-Offs would be nice, even though I don’t think we have a great record. Beating Norwich would be fantastic too, as that was a disappointing game at Portman Road. If we can beat them at Carrow Road then it will certainly make up for the loss to them earlier in the season.

You’ve been working alongside Example for a number of years now, as his bassist and musician, how do you first meet?

Well I was originally working with Plan B and Elliot was supporting him, so I got to know him a bit. Then our managers both chatted and he wanted me to come and be part of his band, which I did. It was a big decision at the time as Plan B had an album out but it was a decision I knew I had to make. When we first started out, the band pretty much consisted of bass, decks and Elliot singing and jumping around with his shirt off! He’s a great performer and really works the crowd. I’ve been with him for around seven or eight years now. We’ve had a great rise, as we’ve literally gone from playing pubs and clubs to selling out arenas and festivals. It’s been crazy but thoroughly enjoyable.

You must have seen some sights on the road or at festivals then?

I’ve seen all kinds of things, some you probably couldn’t print! One funny memory that sticks out was from a few years back when we played Snowbombing festival in Austria. Some naked bloke got hoisted a loft to crowd surf for some reason, only he got his angles all wrong and proceeded to hit a few people in the face with his tackle as he passed! They didn’t look best pleased! We have all kinds of fun on the road, we’re all good mates and that’s just a funny story that springs to mind.

Before we finish, you’re headlining your UK tour from October, how excited for that are you and which venue are you most looking forward to?

We are all really excited for the tour and hopefully it will go down really well. Arenas are great but I actually prefer the smaller, more intimate venues such as Brixton Academy. There’s a lot of history in those type of venues and it’s all about the music. You get a wicked feel from the crowd on stage and you know that the core people there are genuine fans. There are some great venues but I’ve had some mad ones at Brixton and hopefully it will be equally brilliant when we play there next.

Pic credit: Hayley Taylor.

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