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30 September 2015

Midfielder sits down with the official Club website for an in-depth conversation on how his rehab is coming along

The matchday programme recently sat down with Luke Hyam for an exclusive interview with the midfielder, to see how he’s progressing with the serious knee injury he sustained first in January. 

Here’s the full interview with the Academy graduate as he gives the official Club website an update and some insight into his life whilst rehabbing. 

I did my knee originally when I tackled [Victor] Wanyama in the Southampton FA Cup game last season. I then broke down a couple of times after that. 
I felt it a little bit in the summer, it was when I was making a flicking motion with my knee. I spoke to BY [Matt Byard, physio] and the knee was checked and it was all clear. Then I went to Ireland with the team for pre-season and I broke down again. When they opened my knee up, there was scar tissue there and both my ligaments were overlapping. It wasn’t showing up on the scans. It was frustrating but it was one of those things. We couldn’t do anything about it. It was just a case of getting the operation done and starting the rehab. 

It’s my first really long injury and hopefully it will be my last. Injuries are part of the game though. Every player will have one at some time. You just have to deal with it, work hard and get back as quickly as you can. The first month after I had the surgery was the toughest period I’ve had in football though. I was bed- bound for two weeks, I couldn’t get out of my house. I couldn’t even get any fresh air. It was horrible but I’m glad in a way that I went through that because it’s made me stronger mentally, definitely.  

You have to set goals. My first one was just to get out of my house. Then it was to get off crutches. Then to start walking normally. Then to get back to every day life. Once I got the brace off my leg, then I could start pushing on each day. I could start doing strengthening exercises on my leg. This week I’ve been looking to do a bit of running. I have been setting little goals every week. I can’t look too far ahead, it’s short term stuff but I’m getting there. 

Luke Varney and me are looking to get back at a similar time. He’s been out longer than me. He did his achilles in the Play-Off game [against Norwich] while I didn’t have surgery until we were back in pre-season but over the next few weeks I will be catching up with him. I have been doing gymnastics with him and it does help that Varns has been around. He’s a top guy. He has said that he can see me catching him up but he’s pleased for me. It’s helped his recovery as well I think. 

We have pencilled in a date of November 2 for me to return to full training. That is what we are hoping for but it’s a case of one day at a time. The next step is for me to start working with Andy Liddell [fitness coach] outside. I have spoken to BY and looked at the possibility of talking to a sports psychologist as well. I might do that. My knee went two or three times before the surgery and having not played for a year, I might be a bit tentative when I start increasing my work. I know though, that as soon as I’ve got that first tackle out of the way, that first shot - I’ll be fine. 

Mentally I’m quite strong and I know I will put the work in to get me back to full fitness. I think the whole experience is going to actually make me a better, stronger player - and person. In life in general, you go through good and bad experiences and you can only learn from those experiences. I will look back on this time and be stronger for it. 

As much as I like being around the lads, you can’t get involved too much with what they are doing. I miss that, I miss going out training and getting ready for games. It won’t be far short of a year when I get back to playing but that just makes me more determined to get back fit and get back in the team. 

I’m lucky that I am naturally fit so I’m confident I can get up to full fitness pretty quickly. Then I’ve got to try and get in the team. That won’t be easy. This is the best squad I have seen in my time at the Club, even going back to when Darren Bent and Shefki Kuqi were here scoring goals and I was watching from the stands as part of the Academy. I think we have got a good chance of getting promoted but we know what’s ahead of us. I’m in the last year of my contract as well and want to do enough to extend my stay here so I’ve got some big challenges in front of me. 

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