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3 April 2019

Town striker Freddie Sears sat down with the Club website to discuss his recovery from an ACL injury...

Freddie, it’s been a few months since your injury so how are you feeling?

I’m feeling good. It’s good to be back in and around the boys. It’s okay, the surgery is done now so I’m doing my rehab. It’s a slow and steady process but I’m trying to get back walking and get back on the bike.

What have the early stages of rehab been like for you?

You have to re-train the legs and re-train the mind. You probably take for granted how easy walking is and at the minute I’m doing a lot in the gym trying to get my walking pattern back. I’m feeling better every day, though. Finding out the news a few days after the Norwich game was tough, especially knowing that it’s going to be a long road back. Then I had to wait for the surgery but that went well so that was positive. It’s not an easy injury to put right and there’s a long recovery so it’s mentally tough and I’m looking forward to getting back and feeling the rewards from my hard work.

It was a fairly innocuous challenge that led to the injury wasn’t it?

There was nothing to it. The ball slightly overrun, and it was a straight leg tackle. I couldn’t stop so my momentum took me into their player and sometimes when you end up in that position, bad things happen.

I tried to play on and I probably had five minutes running around with no ACL but it was probably the adrenaline of the game that kept me going until I couldn’t continue. The physios have been brilliant so I’m looking forward to getting back now.

How does your rehab affect your summer? 

You’re in most of the summer working with the physios which will be about three or four days a week but I’ll still get a break with my family. I’m looking forward to getting onto the real work now.

Given that you haven’t had many injuries in your career, how mentally challenging has this been for you?

It’s been tough. The first few days were really hard but you’ve got to stay strong. I’ve got good friends and family around me and there are good people at the Club. Everyone knows the position I’m in so for me, I’m trying to remain positive and look at what I can do to help the team when I get back. It’s tough with the situation we’re in and the injuries, it feels like everything is going against but as I said, I’m trying to stay positive.

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Do you have a date you’re hoping to return by or are you just taking it one day at a time?

I’ve got a time-frame in my head but I’m not really sure the physios and the surgeon will agree with it! I’m just going to see how it goes and take it step by step. I’ll see how I’m feeling along the way but it’s been good so far so we’ll see what the next few months bring.

When the injury happened you were in good form which must’ve made it more difficult?

That’s the way it goes sometimes. Since the new manager came here I’d played every game, was doing well and was scoring goals. It’s tough getting injured at that time and I still want to be out on the pitch now giving everything to help the boys. It’s a tough time with injuries as Wardy did the same thing a few weeks before and now Penny [Matthew Pennington] has had a bad injury as well, but everyone’s still going.

There’ll be a few of you doing your rehab together throughout the summer, do you think that will help? 

When Wardy injured his ACL, everyone was devastated for him, but you don’t take it as seriously as you do when it happens to you. You get on and go out training & you still see him around but when it happens to you it feels more real. Then everyone is doing it to you and asking ‘how are you?’ then going out to train and getting on with it. It’s good in a way to have some of the lads doing their rehab as well. Wardy and I will be working hard in the summer, and Ben Morris had the same injury too so he’ll be doing the same and we’ll all be pushing each other to get back. It’s tough coming in and seeing the boys go out to train as I just want to go out there. Anyone that knows me knows I just want to play football. I’m not one to be in the gym all day, I’d rather just be out there, but I’ve had to take a step back from that and now I’m just waiting for the day I can get back out on the grass and return to football.

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