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2 May 2019

Inspirational young man leading the teams out for final match of the season at Portman Road

The Community Champion for Town’s match against Leeds United on Sunday will be Alex Skeel.

Alex is an inspirational young man, who unfortunately found himself in a toxic relationship and suffered domestic abuse from his girlfriend.

When the Club heard about his story, an invitation was sent to him via Twitter to be the Community Champion for Blues’ fixture against his boyhood club Leeds United.

We are delighted that he will be joining us this weekend to lead the teams out of the tunnel at Portman Road.

Alex has written the following note about his story, and offers some advice to anyone who might be going through something similar to what he did.

Around two years ago I was ten days away from dying due to the domestic abuse I was suffering from my ex girlfriend, who is now in prison.

Luckily my neighbours and a police officer took action to rescue me otherwise I would not be here today.

A number of men, just like me, end up in toxic relationships. They are subjected to violence, isolated from friends and family and ultimately are totally controlled. They don't leave, often because of a sense of shame. They don't know who to talk to or what to do. 

There may be some men here today who are in the situation I once was. Also many of you may think you know a mate, brother or son who you think is in that position. Do you know someone who used to come to the game but now doesn't? Or someone that still goes but always makes excuses for any bruises?

If you are going through this then there is a way out. If you know someone who could be going through this, please try and reach out to them.

There is help out there. Please call the police or call The ManKind Initiative on 01823 334244 or

I want to say a massive thank you to Ipswich Town Football Club for inviting me to Portman Road, it will be a special day for me. I also want to thank both sets of fans here today, as your words and support have meant so much to me. 

Good luck to both teams at the weekend and I hope everyone enjoys the match.

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