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3 May 2019

Skipper on why Blues are fortunate to have fans' support, bouncing back and why there will be no more fist pump celebrations...

Luke Chambers says his trademark ‘fist pump’ celebration will be put on hold until Town’s fortunes improve dramatically.

The skipper says relegation has not really sunk in yet but in an interview in Sunday’s matchday programme for the Leeds game he doesn’t hold back in his assessment of the season, outlines why the team are fortunate to enjoy the backing of the Blue Army and why Town have got to hit the ground running next season.

Chambo on relegation
Has the fact that we will be playing in League One next season sunk in yet? No it hasn’t. I’m the leader of the team and I’ll always keep going but I’m being honest again, I can’t wait for the season to be over.  It’s a disaster what’s happened. Let’s have it right. A disaster - football wise it is. You can dress it up as much as you like, we’ve been relegated. It flaming hurts and we have to react. Everyone’s position should be questioned. I’m no different.

Chambo on amazing support
It’s the first time I’ve been relegated. I’ve had a couple of years where there has been a threat and in those circumstances you are getting pelters from the fans. You have to respond. You don’t get cheered off when you are beaten. We have done here though this season.  Don’t get me wrong, the support we’ve had has been brilliant. The fans are the ones - the only ones - who deserve credit this season.  We should be getting pelters though. We should be going to them with our tails between our legs. We should be expecting some expletives coming in our direction.

Chambo on bouncing back
We will come back for pre-season and I know there will be a lot of optimism about the place. I’m sure we will bring in some more players and freshen the squad up for next year. Everyone needs to be ready to hit the ground running. We will be one of the biggest teams in the league next season. That will be through history; the size of the Club; the fanbase. The goal for us is to bounce back straightaway. We want to build a team that can go again.

Chambo on no more fist-pump celebrations
It’s something the fans took to and ran with. We won at Bolton and supporters may have being waited for it but that was a ‘thanks for your support’. That was no fist pump celebration. We have to improve drastically here before we see that again.

Don’t miss Sunday’s matchday programme for the full interview.

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