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9 June 2020

"We either all play, or we all don’t. We are one game, playing in the same country but the disparity is shocking. Come on!”

Paul Lambert says the decision whether to play out the season or not dragged on far too long and adds that the disparity between the four English divisions is shocking.

While the Premier League and Championship will conclude the 2019/20 campaign, clubs in League One and League Two have voted to curtail the season now and use an unweighted points per game formula to determine final positions.

“I think there has been a real lack of leadership at the top [of the EFL] and the whole thing has dragged on far too long,” the Town boss told the Club website.

“It’s been diabolical the way it has been handled. They were running out of time in the end to get the season played. I always felt that. Maybe that was in their thinking.

“There was still a lot of football to be played so I don’t agree with points per game at all. I always felt we had a good chance of making the Play-Offs but look at Peterborough, they were in the top six and are now are out of it. How can that be right?

“My big bug-bear though is that we have four divisions and two are playing and two are not. We either all play, or we all don’t. We are one game, playing in the same country but the disparity is shocking. Come on!”

Paul accepts that Town have paid the price for the results over the six weeks or so leading up to the season being put on hold in early March because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We had a bad couple of months before we stopped and we have the paid for that,” he added.

“We were top at the end of January but we lost key players to injury and for whatever reason - and I think it was a culmination of things - we didn’t kick on.

“We had five home games left and eight matches and we would probably have needed to win six of those to have had a chance of finishing in the top six.

“We would have been capable of that but it’s not to be. We’ve got to look at what we did right and what we did wrong and learn from the mistakes.

“It’s been a time over the last two months to look at ourselves, staff and players and I’ve done that. I always do. There are definitely things I would do differently now but we’ve all got to take it on the chin and put it right next season.”

There will be more from Paul later in the week on why this is the biggest challenge he has faced as a manager; why he fears for the future of some clubs and why English football may never be the same again.  

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