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11 March 2021

"I’ve got a decent reputation in the game and I won’t stand by and be accused of saying something I didn’t and not responding"

Alan Judge has angrily disputed Darren Drysdale’s recall of the events at the end of Town’s game with Northampton last month that resulted in the referee being charged with improper conduct.

The official appeared to square up to the Blues midfielder following protests from Alan over not getting a penalty decision in the last minute of the goalless draw.

Drysdale apologised for his actions to the Club and Alan through the PGMOL (Professional Game Match Officials Limited) the following day and was subsequently charged by the FA.

He admitted the charge and an independent Regulatory Commission today awarded him a back-dated suspension and gave him a warning to his future conduct but it’s the version of events that the referee gave to the Commission that has infuriated Alan, with the official claiming he was called a cheat and the ‘four letter C word’.  

“I said the incident was over as far as I was concerned when I walked off the pitch and that I wasn’t looking for an apology,” Alan told the Club website.

“I didn’t want to make anything of it because it’s a tough job being a referee but I’m not going to keep quiet when I’ve been accused of calling the referee a cheat and using the C word.

“I’ll admit using the F word but I said to him ‘you have got to be F…… joking me and I said that a couple of times to him. I never used the C word. I don't use that word and I didn't call him a cheat.

“My mum passed away last week - which is far more important than this - and I don’t need this hassle to be honest. Like I said, the matter was closed but I’ve got a decent reputation in the game and I won’t stand by and be accused of saying something I didn’t and not responding.

“Our media team have got some audio and it backs me up. Some people have said I should have come out straightaway and explained what I said but I didn’t want to do that. I was trying to help Darren. I said the matter was finished and it was but I have to make it clear now that I totally dispute what has been said by the referee.”  


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