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14 October 2021

New trustees to be confirmed, with CEO also forming part of board

Mark Ashton has revealed that the Club will be announcing three new trustees for the Community Trust.

The new trustees, who will be revealed tomorrow morning, will form part of a board to provide structure and vision for Town's community branch, while also strategising the key areas to develop the Club's engagement with the community.

Mark will also be joining the board as a trustee.

"It's a really important day for the Club and the Community Trust," Town’s CEO said.

"We've talked, since I arrived in June, about the importance of the community and the community being at the centre of everything the Club does.

"We've been working behind the scenes to form an official board of trustees, and they will help set the strategic vision for the Trust, while also helping to drive it forward.

"We're really excited with the people we have approached, and they've shown a real interest in the Trust, and they're all keen to be involved."

Asked what the role of a trustee for the Community Trust entails, Mark added:

"It's a role that has legal responsibilities, so it's not just the case of being an ambassador.

"These people will help ensure the Trust is ran properly, and they will help drive things forward.

"It's similar, in a way, to being a director of a business, but a director of a charitable trust.

"The charities commission demands certain standards, and these trustees will make sure we hit those standards.

"These trustees have been selected to help us create a Trust that is unique to Ipswich, and unique to the county. We want to use the fantastic brand, that is Ipswich Town, to engage with the community. It's very exciting."

Town's Head of Community, Jason Curtis, also said: "Since day one Mark has emphasised the importance of the Community Trust, and, more importantly, the impact we have on people in the community.

"This is of course music to the ears of our hardworking team, and we look forward to this new approach."

Interviews with Town's new trustees will be published on the Club website and social media channels on Friday morning.

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