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7 April 2022

Midfielder on a month of fasting

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and is observed by muslims worldwide as a period of fasting, prayer, reflection and community. 

During the month, which this year runs from 1 April to 1 May, muslims do not consume food or water during daylight hours.

The fasting allows muslim people to practice self-discipline, self-control, sacrifice, and empathy for those who are less fortunate.

Town midfielder Idris El Mizouni is one of over two billion muslims observing Ramadan this month.

The Club spoke to the 21-year-old about how he manages his fast whilst not disrupting his busy and demanding schedule as a professional footballer. 

"You don't eat and drink so that you can feel how less fortunate and poor people feel," he told iFollow Ipswich.

"Some people in the world don't eat or drink for even a few days at a time. We do that for 30 days.

"I have to manage myself. The Club help me with my nutrition and they have given me a plan of what to eat after the sunset. 

"I come to training at a normal time. When I go home, I usually have a nap and make dinner around 6pm. I'm allowed to eat at 7.43pm at the minute. I then watch TV and go to bed. 

"I set another alarm for 3.50am when I have another meal and then I go back to bed ready for the next day. 

"You get used to it after a few days and you're not really hungry during training. During a game it is a bit more intense but you get more thirsty rather than hungry." 

Andy Costin [pictured below], the Club's Head of Sports Science, added: "We try and do what we can for each individual athlete on an individual basis. We want to do what is best for the athlete and their wellbeing.  

"The main thing is giving them hydration tablets to help with the water loss in training. We also give them protein supplements because that's an easy way to get a high amount of calories into them when they have been fasting all day.

"Hydration is a big one. As soon as they start dehydrating, their performance level will drop. We also monitor their training load a little bit. Dehydration and fasting can lead to a reduction in speed and aerobic capacities. We try and tailor that as much as we can within the training week."

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