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7 April 2022

Striker visits new youth club that helps vulnerable youngsters

Macauley Bonne visited Triangle Church Hall in Chantry this afternoon for the opening of a new youth club in the area.

The Town frontman, who grew up in Chantry, posed for photos, signed autographs and spoke to children in attendance.

Community Access Suffolk is responsible for opening the youth club which aims to give vulnerable children a safe space to chat with one another and hang out.

Ipswich Borough Council has partly funded the project, with a team of volunteers receiving training to keep the club running.

Bonne visit YC.JPG

"It was great to visit the youth club this afternoon," Macca told the Club website.

"Ipswich, and Chantry, means a lot to me so it was a privilege to be invited and help with the event.

"The volunteers are really passionate about the project and it's a great idea to have this space for children to spend time with each other in good company."

Lisa Clarke, who played a leading role in starting the youth club and now volunteers, said: "A lot of hard work has gone into today so it's great to see the kids together in a nice environment.

"It's been a long process, partly because of Covid-19, but we have some great people in the community and a lot of people have helped make this happen.

"It was so nice to have Macauley with us and the kids loved seeing him.

"The plan now is to open once a week [Thursday evenings] and help as many children as possible."

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