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Supporters Club Information

Supporters Club Information

About the Supporters Club:

The Supporters Club is the link between the Club and the fan base.

We organise events throughout the season to enable fans to meet current and ex-players, as well as on- and off-field management.

We also liaise with the Club on a wide range of issues raised with us by fans. 

Our branch network operates locally, nationally and internationally – what they share is a passion for all things Ipswich Town.  

The Supporters Club is a part of ITFC itself, and we are grateful for the support of ITFC in many of our activities. We receive no financial assistance, and our committee and our many helpers are all volunteers.

We are not primarily about fundraising, but we are proud that fans attending our events contributed nearly £7,000 to the ITFC Academy and other groups in 2019/20.

Well over 2,000 fans take part in one or more Supporters Club activities during the course of the year, and well over 100 are active branch committee members, organising events and travel for their members.